I could've been your English 101 professor. 

For five years, I taught college writing courses that are part of the core curriculum. Most students are: 18-19 years old, don't want to be in the class, and hate writing. They're a tough crowd. I'm proud of the work I did and the relationships I developed with my students over the years. I'm also proud of my pedagogical experimentation in service-learning, civic engagement, and art practice. 

Along with giving hour-long lectures eight times a week and developing fantastic mentoring relationships with my students, I also did a lot of other things outside the classroom: 

+ I led faculty development workshops on teaching with social media, 

+ gave presentations of my research at national and regional conferences,

+ led service-learning projects with my students in the community,

+ coordinated + hosted a 10-week documentary film series at an independent bookstore,

+ served on curriculum development + hiring committees, 

+ coordinated two endowed writing competitions, 

+ advised a cohort of 40 students on their matriculation,

+ and spent hours + hours working with students individually on their writing.

+ I even got a shout out in the valedictorian speech at a graduation ceremony from one of my students!


GREAT TEACHER!! Loved this class. It was probably the best class I had this semester. The class discussions are very interesting. I felt very comfortable participating in discussions and I’m usually quiet.
Jessica is awesome! I loved loved loved this class! I would highly recommend taking her! She is a hard grader when it comes to papers but will help you improve it and become a better writer.
Jessica is the coolest teacher in the world! Instead of following the boring traditions of English topics, Jessica teaches in a way that applies to everyday life, but in a fun way! Best class I’ve ever taken!