BIDness: a location-based mobile app that moderates silent art auctions

Learn about each piece. Place bids Follow the bidding.




In the mobile app, you can select the categories of art or individual artists of interest before the event. If you know you like Ashley Anderson's work, for example, BIDness will make sure you don't miss a piece. When browsing through the auction space, BIDness prompts you to bid on pieces you prefer using alerts. After entering a bid amount, raise the phone like a traditional bidding paddle to place the bid. Receive an alert if you are outbid along with information identifying the bidder. Re-bid on a piece while outside of the auction area.

If you're not arriving with an agenda, no worries. Browse around and just tap the home screen to get information about the nearest piece of artwork. If you're not ready to place a bid, you can still watch the piece and keep up with the bidding by tapping the heart icon to like it. Or, follow top bids in each category on the leaderboard.


Use iBeacons location-based technology to explore the social space of a live auction –- one that is characterized by competition, personality, and social capital. Containing the bid-placing to the auction room contributes to that sense of shared presence (unlike other auction apps that allow bidding remotely). Bidders are physically near their works of interest. When you scan the room, you can see areas that are hot in a bidding war and which ones are overlooked. The gestural interaction simulates traditional auction behavior in hopes of exploring the social impact of physical gesture on a clearly defined collective process like an auction. 

Business goal

The auction room is one section of a much larger environment featuring things like performances, food, drinks, etc. How do we motivate guests to spend more time in the auction room? 




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